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Victor Krummenacher -Blue Pacific

Victor Krummenacher

Blue Pacific

Release date: March 15, 2019
Label: Veritas
Format: LP Album
Vinyl LP pressing. 2019 release from Victor Krummenacher. Blue Pacific marks his ninth solo effort away from his two co-founding bands - the pioneering indie-rock group Camper Van Beethoven and the art-rock collective, Monks of Doom. The inception of this emotionally-charged project started nearly a year after his divorce, and, as it turns out, it's one-part exorcism and one-part an effort to heal and put it all behind him. Despite the fact this record was a direct result of so much pain, heartache and hurdles, musically it turns out to be one of Krummenacher's most rewarding efforts of his lengthy career - be it solo, or with his other bands. "There was a lot of time put into this one," the musician reveals, "and I don't know if I can really do much better in as far as writing or recording. Between the emotional context and the difficulty in getting all the aspects of the recording taken care of, it was one of the hardest projects I've worked on."
  • 1.No One Left to Remember and No One Left to Tell
  • 2.The Prettiest Train
  • 3.Skin & Bones
  • 4.Every River Rises
  • 5.Blue Pacific
  • 6.Some Time Ago
  • 7.No Safe Place to Fall
  • 8.Headed West
  • 9.Lawrence in the Desert
  • 10.Nowhere Out There on the Line
  • 11.Find a Way Out
  • 12.Green Is the Color of a Fair Man's Eyes
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