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Vic Ruggiero - Stuff In My Pockets (Blood Red)

Vic Ruggiero

Stuff In My Pockets (Blood Red)

Release date: February 10, 2023
Label: Org Music
Stuff In My Pockets is the latest project from singer-songwriter Vic Ruggiero. As with his other solo work, the record forgoes the ska music he is known for, while favoring a more bluesy, folk rock sound. This breezy collection of tunes plays into standard indie rock and power pop tropes, at times recalling Elvis Costello. While many of the tracks feature a laid-back vibe, others showcase a more energetic side of The Slackers frontman. The album will be available on February 10th through ORG Music.
  • 1. Now We Know
  • 2. Adam and Eve
  • 3. Everyday Things
  • 4. Just Like You
  • 5. Lonesome Track
  • 6. No One Knows
  • 7. Pot of Gold
  • 8. Right and Wrong
  • 9. Stuff in My Pockets
  • 10. Wonder
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