Various Artists Skin Graft Records Presents… Sounds To Make You Shudder!

Release date:
October 6, 2023
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Do you dare? Just imagine the existential dread and abject horror that will come bubbling to the surface when you flip out the lights and freak out your friends with this, the 150th release from SKiN GRAFT Records. Sporting FIFTEEN NEW and EXCLUSIVE tracks sure to scare your guests stiff, “Sounds To Make You Shudder!” is a HALLOWEEN LONG PLAYER that plays fast and loose any time of the year! Featured artists include the "St. Louis by way of Tampa Bay" duo Terms, London's USA Nails, Chicago's Lovely Little Girls, Tokyo's Jim O'Rourke, Lyon's Pili Coit, Berlin’s Cuntroaches, Psychic Graveyard remixed by the Osees' John Dwyer - and - The Jesus Lizard’s David Yow steps up as yjr horror-host master of ceremonies backed by St. Louis’ Yowie , laying down their first new music since the release of “Synchromysticism”. This deluxe Gatefold Double Vinyl edition includes three sides of music, with side four silk-screened with exclusive new artwork by Gumballhead the Cat cartoonist Rob Syers and SKiN GRAFT Records’ Mark Fischer. Resting inside the gatefold sit two uncut sheets of 18 collectible Lobby Cards. Each card casts a spotlight on one of the album’s performers with a band photo and trivia on the flipside. The entire package is topped off with a collectible “Footlong” OBI, featuring selling points and review snippets for retail display - and the final product is wrapped in a crystal clear resealable sleeve. 1. David Yow and Yowie - Greeting 2. 
USA Nails - Horror Show 3. Lovely Little Girls - Procreation (Of The Wicked) 4. Terms - Mouthful of Moss 5. Tijuana Hercules - Long Slide 6. Pili Coït - Lo Comte Arnau 7. Psychic Graveyard with John Dwyer - Is There A Hotline? 8. Jim O’Rourke - guising 9. Cuntroaches - Borborygmus 10. Strangulated Beatoffs - Happy Halloween 11. Shatter On Impact - Amar’s Volta 12. Bobby Conn - Don’t Be Afraid 13. The Flying Luttenbachers - Violence Labyrinth 14. Upright Forms - They Kept On Living 15. Azita - Tss Tss

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