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Various Artists - Nardcore For Life

Various Artists

Nardcore For Life

Release date: September 04, 2020
Nardcore For Life showcases the 805 (Oxnard, CA and surrounding areas) hardcore punk scene during a moment of time when it is better than ever. Featuring 24 brandnew, exclusive songs, this comp spans generations, from the old school stalwarts (ILL REPUTE, STALAG 13, FALSE CONFESSION) to the new breed (DEAD HEAT, CIVIL CONFLICT). It also captures the full diversity of this oftenoverlooked scene, from indie-rock notables (NO MOTIV) to grindcore maniacs (SORDO), and from D-beat rippers (COMBAT SHOCK) to tongue-in-cheek rockers (DAD BRAINS). Also featured are long-time veterans of the scene IN CONTROL, DOWNPRESSER, RETALIATE, and MINUS. This comp comes with a 16-page booklet, and the digital version features 12 additional bands/songs, including a brandnew ripper from Oxnard legends DR. KNOW.
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04 September 2020 / More records