Various Artists Many Faces Of Genesis Ltd Double 180Gm Grey Marble

Release date:
November 8, 2019
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Double colored vinyl LP pressing. Genesis is a unique case in the world of popular music, as it began it's career as a cult band and despite losing it's lead singer, the charismatic Peter Gabriel, they moved on with then-drummer Phil Collins as front man, which brought them massive and unexpected success in the 80s. In this chapter of our The Many Faces series, we explore Genesis' inner world, including some of it's members' rare side-projects, their collaborations, versions of some of their most iconic songs and the early-stages of the band, when they were still a bunch of teens who hardly imagined they would become one of the greatest bands of all time. The Many Faces Of Genesis is a truly exceptional album, especially for those of you who considers yourself a Progressive Rock music lover.

  • 1. Anthony Phillips Feat. Phil Collins - Which Way the Wind Blows
  • 2. Steve Hackett - Watcher of the Skies
  • 3. Johnny Warman Feat. Peter Gabriel - Screaming Jets
  • 4. Anthony Phillips Feat. Phil Collins - God If I Saw Her Now
  • 5. George White Group - in Too Deep
  • 6. Vintage Reggae System & Natty Bong - Misunderstanding
  • 7. Os Digitalistas - Invisible Touch
  • 8. The Brian J. White Quartet - Follow You, Follow Me
  • 9. Reversound - That's All
  • 10. Genesis - a Winter's Tale
  • 11. Genesis - One Eyed Hound
  • 12. Genesis - the Silent Sun
  • 13. Genesis - That's Me
  • 14. Genesis - When the Sour Turns to Sweet
  • 15. Genesis - in Hiding
  • 16. Genesis - the Serpent
  • 17. Genesis - Window
  • 18. Genesis - Am I Very Wrong?
  • 19. Genesis - in the Wilderness
  • 20. Genesis - a Place to Call My Own
  • 21. Genesis - in the Beginning

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