Various Artists Many Faces Of Alice Cooper

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November 8, 2019
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Double colored vinyl LP pressing. In the early '70s, Alice Cooper was a five-member band that became one of the biggest exponents of glam rock and whose fame reached global proportions, with gold and platinum albums around the world thanks to albums like Love It To Death, Killer, School's Out and Billion Dollar Babies. In 1975, the band breaks up and Alice Cooper became a solo artist whose popularity reaches until today thanks to hits like 'Poison' and 'Only Women Bleed'. The Many Faces Of Alice Cooper presents the full story, including material from the original band members, as well as highlighting their most iconic repertoire. The Many Faces Of Alice Cooper is a truly exceptional album, especially for those of you who considers yourself a rock music lover.

  • 1. Michael Bruce Feat. Alice Cooper - As Rock Rolls on
  • 2. Neal Smith Feat. Dennis Dunaway - Rock N'Roll Radio
  • 3. Bouchard, Dunaway & Smith - Under My Wheels
  • 4. Killsmith (Neal Smith's Band) - How Do You Bleed
  • 5. Michael Bruce - King of America
  • 6. Bouchard, Dunaway & Smith - Caught in a Dream
  • 7. Deadringer (Denis Dunaway & Neal Smith) - Double Talk
  • 8. Neal Smith Feat. Dennis Dunaway - Maneater Deadly to Her Prey
  • 9. Michael Bruce - Friday on My Mind
  • 10. Bouchard, Dunaway & Smith - School'S Out
  • 11. Joel Hoakstra, Derrick Lefevre, Richard Kendrick & Kurtis E. Phlush - School'S Out
  • 12. Fierce Atmospheres - Billion Dollar Babies
  • 13. Berzon - Hello Hooray
  • 14. Alice in Cooperland - Only Women Bleed
  • 15. Charlie Bonnet III - Be My Lover
  • 16. Kelly Keeling, Marko Pukkila, Sven Wannas, Simmo Pirttimaa, Vesa Saarikoski & the Heether - Hey Stoopid
  • 17. Quatermoc - Go to Hell
  • 18. Vid Payne - Is It My Body
  • 19. The Alice Cooper Experience - Halo of Flies
  • 20. Erling Solem - Nobody Likes Me

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