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Various Artists - Jesus People Music, Volume 2: The Reckoning

Various Artists

Jesus People Music, Volume 2: The Reckoning

Release date: May 26, 2023
Label: Org Music
No one knew what to make of the Jesus People. A loosely aligned youth movement growing out of California in the late '60s, it found waves of hippies, burnouts, stoners, and weirdos turning to Jesus Christ. But that didn't mean they were going to tidy up. Jesus People wore their hair long and kept their slang wiggy, extolling the highs of "the Jesus trip" and asking, "You've tried everything else-why not try Jesus?" Everywhere they went, from mainstream churches on the West Coast to rural communities where back to the land-types founded communes, the Jesus People inspired confusion. "The Reckoning" is the second installment in Aquarium Drunkard and Org Music's Jesus People Music compilation series. This new eight track collection showcases a fuzzed-out, psychedelic rock sound not typically associated with Christian music as we know it today. Available May 26th on transparent red vinyl, this release features a fold-out insert with liner notes from Jason Woodbury.
  • 1. Our Generation - Hello Friends
  • 2. All Saved Freak Band - All Across the Nation
  • 3. D.R. Hooker - the Bible
  • 4. Candida Pax - Darkness
  • 5. Patric Calfee - Joy Comes in the Morning
  • 6. The Last Call of Shiloh - New Jerusalem
  • 7. Sonfolk - Homecoming
  • 8. First Revelation - Lord, Come Into My Life
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