Various Artists It's Nation Time - African Visionary Music

Release date:
November 16, 2018
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his album features poetry by Imamu Amiri Baraka, one of the most respected writers of his generation, as well as an ensemble cast of musicians including Lonnie Smith, Gary Bartz, James Mtume, Gwendolyn Guthrie, Reggie Workman, and Idris Muhammed. Now on vinyl for the first time since 1972, this 150-g LP is housed in a tip-on jacket.

  • 1. Chant (Side A)
  • 2. Answers (Side A)
  • 3. All In The Street (Side A)
  • 4. Come See About Me (Side A)
  • 5. Peace In Place (Side A)
  • 6. Bad News (Side A)
  • 7. Wha's Gonna Happen (Side A)
  • 8. Kutoa Umola (Side B)
  • 9. Come Back Pharoah (Side B)
  • 10. Who Will Survive (Side B)
  • 11. How Africans (Side B)
  • 12. Move (Side B)
  • 13. The Spirit Of Creation (Side B)
  • 14. It's Nation Time (Side B)
  • 15. Pull The Covers Off (Side B)
  • 16. Pamoja Tutashinde (Side B)

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