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Various Artists Great Expectations--The Album

Release date:
August 4, 2023
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Alfonso Cuarón’s 1998 film changed a few things from the original Charles Dickens novel: Abel Magwitch became Arthur Lustig, Miss Havisham became Nora Dinsmoor, poor old Pip became Finn…and most importantly for our purposes, early 19th century London became 1990s New York! And so did the soundtrack—featuring tunes by Chris Cornell (the rare “Sunshower”), Pulp, Scott Weiland, Iggy Pop, and The Verve Pipe, its finger was firmly on the pulse of the late 20th century music scene, with a few welcome curveballs (Cesaria Evora, Grateful Dead?) to boot. Collectors will also note that Tori Amos wrote “Siren” for the movie, and that “Today” by Poe—which, like several other songs in the score, did not appear in the film—makes its only appearance here. Great Expectations: The Album was originally released only on CD, so vinyl soundtrack collectors have been lobbying for years to see it out on wax, and we are obliging with a 2-LP set inside a gorgeous gatefold jacket, pressed in emerald green vinyl to match Gwyneth Paltrow’s ravishing dress from the film. Limited to 2000 copies! A1. Finn (Intro)—Tori Amos A2. Siren—Tori Amos A3. Life in Mono—Mono A4. Sunshower—Chris Cornell B1. Resignation—Reef B2. Like a Friend—Pulp B3. Wishful Thinking—Duncan Sheik B4. Today—Poe C1. Lady, Your Roof Brings Me Down—Scott Weiland C2. Her Ornament—The Verve Pipe C3. Walk This Earth Alone—Lauren Christy C4. Breakable—Fisher D1. Success—Iggy Pop D2. Slave—David Garza D3. Uncle John’s Band—The Grateful Dead D4. Bésame Mucho—Cesaria Evora

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