Various Artists City Music Tokyo Corner

Release date:
November 17, 2023
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Universal Music is excited to release this compilation series that highlights hidden City Pop gems selected by Kunimondo Takiguchi. This release is the sixth installment following 'invitation' (released in November 2020), 'junction' (released in April 2022), 'signal' and 'tremolo' (released in January 2023), and 'parallelism' (released in March 2023). It is set to include rare tracks from various labels such as Universal Music, Polydor, Kitty Records, EMI, and more. This collection compiles city music that one can imagine from the themes of 'urban life' and 'music' in Tokyo, and it's something that should be listened to right now. Continuing the series title 'CITY MUSIC TOKYO,' the subtitle for this installment is 'corner.' In the process of the changes in city pop from the 1970s, this subtitle was chosen to emphasize the 80s and 90s tracks as a 'corner' in the transformation. Additionally, it aims to shine a spotlight on tracks that may have been in the 'corner' of the hit charts and not gained as much attention. The concept-representing imagery was captured by photographer Yasuyuki Takagi. Art direction and graphic design are handled by Kunimondo Takiguchi.

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