Various Artists Buddha Bar Beach: The Best Of

Release date:
July 14, 2023
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Buddha-Bar, the ultimate temple of Lounge and Shamanic music is releasing it's first Buddha-Bar Beach Best Of collection! Giving a new life to beach clubs in 2014 with it's Buddha-Bar Beach concept, the first best of blends Summer and chill out vibes and a festive atmosphere. This new compilation was especially designed to accompany the perfect summer with the best tracks from the last ten years. Carefully selected year after year, this collection will take you to a fabulous journey throughout all the beaches in the world. All the classic tunes that set the Buddha-Bar Beach as the worldwide reference of "Summer Vibe" music from Troels Hammer, Mannix, Alvaro Suarez, Be Svendsen, Notre Dame, Parov Stellar, Sebastien Leger, Eran Hersh, Cubicolor and more. Limited to 1000 copies each on double vinyl LP and double CD.

  • 1. Racoon Racoon - the Sound of Silence
  • 2. Troels Hammer - Infinita Feat. Clara Valente
  • 3. Kito Jempere - Feat. Minako Sasajima, Jimi Tenor, Lovvlovver - Max Essa Remix
  • 4. Jos√© Solano - Agua E Pipa
  • 5. DJ Ravin / Ensaime - Indianness Summer
  • 6. Mannix - So Much Time Feat. Lisa Shaw - Mannix's Summerchill Remix
  • 7. Be Svendsen - Hazy Eyes
  • 8. Thanassis Vassilopoulos - Earthchild - Ravin Remix
  • 9. Samarana - Ueda
  • 10. Estray - Bodrum
  • 11. Tibau - Melodia - Mollono. Bass Remix
  • 12. Eran Hersh - Ale Ale
  • 13. Dino and Terry - Njaula Ibe Feat. Tina Ardor
  • 14. Notre Dame - la Squadra
  • 15. Wassu / Axenity - Lost Feat. Phonic Youth - Original Mix

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