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 Varials - In Darkness


In Darkness

Release date: October 11, 2019
With their second album In Darkness, Philadelphia’s Varials traffic in moshy-metal. While the music is heavy enough to shift tectonic plates, it’s not merely about crowd-killing breakdowns - although those exist in spades on the record. Rather, the band explores other aspects of heavy from the lyrics to the tones to the song structures to the melodies. It’s a sonically dense, precise, and intense record, and it’s not pretty. The same can be said about the lyrics, which plume the depths to which humanity can sink. In Darkness isn’t interested in the light, and that’s just how Varials like it.
  • 1. Wound
  • 2. I Suffocate
  • 3. In Darkness
  • 4. Bleeding
  • 5. (fear)
  • 6. South of One Ft. Brendan Murphy
  • 7. Romance
  • 8. Obstacle III
  • 9. i against i
  • 10. Splinter
  • 11. The Love Machine
  • 12. (save room)
  • 13. Deathsong
  • 14. (untitled)
  • 15. Maze
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11 October 2019 / More records