Valentina Vanini CAstenuovo-Tedesco: Liriche Da Camera; Opere Pianistiche

Release date:
October 6, 2023
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The duo formed by Valentina Vanini (half soprano) and Giuseppina Coni (piano) is the protagonist of this recording dedicated to the Florentine composer Mario Castelnuovo-Tedesco, including chamber lyrics and piano pieces. All the compositions collected in this double CD saw the light in the early twentieth century, more precisely between 1913 and 1928. A kaleidoscopic panorama of impressions and emotions – from the evocation of the childhood world, to the poetic themes of great breadth up, to the pictorial evocations of the great Italian schools of the past – unravels in the succession of pieces, characterized by a very refined musical style, often not simple but incredibly fascinating and evocative. Not conventionally counted as part of the “Generazione dell’ottanta”, in reality Castelnuovo-Tedesco pursues the same ideals and intentions (because of his studies with Ildebrando Pizzetti), which are fully manifested in these compositions, superbly interpreted by the Vanini-Coni duo.

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