Uma Jai

Release date:
October 20, 2023
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Uma has lived and traveled across the globe, as her parents lived long-distance for most of her youth. She spent a lot of time with her father Tew, who lived in Bangkok—where he was born and where he worked for a nonprofit hospice and orphanage—whilst Uma’s mother’s work provided her with long stints in Canada and Greenland. Uma enrolled in York University to study contemporary classical music and moved back to Barcelona where after some experimentation, decided to launch her version of Can Obert.  Now, the name refers to Uma’s Barcelona home studio, Can Obert, where she hosts writing residencies and write and produce for themselves and other artists. Nilüfer Yanya and Rosie Lowe being examples of the hub’s guests.  Uma’s first work saw her channeling cult folk artists Linda Perhacs, Josephine Foster and Sybille Baier alongside classical Spanish guitar music. She has put out two EP’s; 2020’s debut EP Bel-li and 2021’s followup The Moth and the Dove, which was recorded during lockdown at Can Obert, with Bower jointly producing. O Her next mixtape is both an extension of her tinderbox chemistry with Bower at Can Obert, and a journey deeper into her maturing sound. She now says she’s in a space where she’s trusting her instincts and her idiosyncrasies more than ever. 1. Crocodile 2. Granada 3. Tārā 4. Muay Thai 5. Filthy Rich 6. Send Me Off 7. Cicadas 8. La Vidente

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