Tyla's Dogs D'amour In Vino Veritas

Release date:
March 27, 2020
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The vinyl is limited to 500 copies worldwide and is a gatefold sleeve on red vinyl. The Dogs D'Amour have never been ones to shy away from playing acoustic songs and giving them some kick when needed. Their classic album A Graveyard of Empty Bottles proves just how potent and adaptable singer-songwriter Tyla J Pallas's songs can be. Following the release of last years incendiary & critically acclaimed album In Vino Veritas the band went back into the studio to record an acoustic version of the same album. In Vino Veritas Acoustica follows the same running order as the original but is otherwise completely different - different arrangements, different instrumentation, different vibe, different shades of colour and mood. With acoustic guitars, horns, piano, harmonica, saxophone, slide guitar, drums, percussion, backing vocals and sha-la-la harmonies the album creates it's own glorious mood. If you like your songs with an acoustic frame but venom in the blood, this is an album for you.

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