Twin Toes Long Story Short

Release date:
October 14, 2022
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It all started on a Monday morning in January 2019, when Antoine invited Nicolas to his home studio in Brussels. By pure coincidence, forty-eight hours earlier and 120 kilometers apart, they had both broken the same index toe on their respective left foot. Their previously discussed idea of forming a music duo had received a sign from the Universe!Twin Toes is a series of happy accidents and serendipities - a joke that took the form of a pop duo. Their songs are imbued with a multicolored and surreal atmosphere, somewhat reminiscent of the beauty of dry sausages and the absurdity of existence. They could well become the pioneers of a new avant-garde genre, "Foot Pop ยป.For Fans of Animal Collective.

  • 1. Sunny Eggs
  • 2. Ghost Hair
  • 3. Who Cares
  • 4. Bossa Charleroi
  • 5. Ringtone
  • 6. Lobstory
  • 7. Lost in Playlists
  • 8. Not Trying
  • 9. Hahaha
  • 10. the Last Song on Earth

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