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Twiddle - Every Last Leaf (Mint Marbled)


Every Last Leaf (Mint Marbled) (2xLP)

Release date: October 21, 2022
Every Last Leaf' is an album about life and the emotions that come along with it: the good, the bad, and everything in between. It's a metaphor for the circle of life; as one leaf dies and falls off the tree, it becomes part of the Earth, feeding the very roots that gave it life and creating new life in the process. We are all infinitely unique beings, but we all share the same emotions and challenges at our core. We did our best to reflect that human experience on this record.
  • 1. Every Last Leaf I
  • 2. Beautiful
  • 3. Distance Makes the Heart
  • 4. River Drift
  • 5. The Mission
  • 6. Meant to Be
  • 7. Do It Now
  • 8. Fighting for
  • 9. The Devil
  • 10. Life Back Now
  • 11. Collective Pulse
  • 12. Inside
  • 13. Slippin' in the Kitchen
  • 14. Mushrooms of the Sea
  • 15. Every Last Leaf II
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