Turnover Myself in the Way Remixes

Release date:
June 28, 2024
Pre-order vinyl:

Turnover have teamed up with a team of collaborators to release Myself in the Way: Remixes, a new vinyl release that features reimagined versions of the band's infectious and trippy album Myself in the Way. Artists like Young Guv and Anthenagin offer drum & bass updates to singles "Myself in the Way" and "Wait Too Long," while prior touring partner Healing Potpourri adds to the psychedelic trance of "Mountains Made of Clouds." Even Turnover's own Austin Getz contributes three remixes, turning songs like "People That We Know' and "Stone Station" into trance-influenced electronic jams. Youtube sensation Frank Watkinson closes out the album with a different interpretation of "Mountains Made of Clouds," with only an acoustic guitar and the song's heartbreaking lyrics to recontextualize the song as what feels like a timeless folk-ballad.Go deeper into the world of Turnover with Myself in the Way: Remixes, a limited edition vinyl pressing of ten reimagined tracks from Turnover's 2022 album Myself in the Way. Vinyl edition includes die-cut jacket & reflective silver inner-sleeve.

  • 1. Myself in the Way (Middlestates Remix)
  • 2. Myself in the Way (Young Guv Remix)
  • 3. Wait Too Long (Anthenagin Remix)
  • 4. Wait Too Long (Exit Cost Remix)
  • 5. People That We Know (Toy Problem Remix)
  • 6. Mountains Made of Clouds (Healing Potpourri Remix)
  • 7. Ain't Love Heavy (Hush Remix)
  • 8. Stone Station (Toy Problem Remix)
  • 9. Bored of God / Orlando (Toy Problem Remix)
  • 10. Mountains Made of Clouds (Frank Watkinson Version)

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