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December 1, 2023
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The guitarist and composer, Trond Kallevåg, sets sail and explores the stories and mystique of American music and culture. With a cinematic quality reminiscent of Ry Cooder and Bill Frisell, that could serve as the soundtrack of a Cohen Brothers movie, it draws inspiration from transformative journeys of hundreds of thousands of Norwegians who embarked on transformative journeys across the vast ocean."Amerikabåten," (“The American boat” in English) is Trond Kallevåg’s highly anticipated third album following the critical success of "Bedehus & Hawaii" (2019) and "Fengselsfugl" (2021). To bring his stories to life, Trond has assembled a stellar ensemble of esteemed young Norwegian musicians, including Selma French, Daniela Reyes, Håkon Aase, Jo Berger Myhre, and Ola Øverby. These talented individuals, who also boast successful solo careers, are revered figures in today's vibrant Norwegian music scene. Drawing from Norwegian hymns, old broadside ballads and Americana, "Amerikabåten" builds upon Trond's unique sound, incorporating the vast expanse of American folk music. Trond's guitar serves as a tool for musical expression, providing a melodic foundation and narrative quality that allows fellow musicians to shine. Trond expands his sonic palette, complementing his masterful guitar skills with the haunting melodies of the pedal steel guitar. As with his previous albums, Trond's compositions and meticulous production are integral to his creative process, bringing his artistic vision to life. Composing and mixing all the music himself, Trond's honest and lyrical instrumental expression earning him praise from critics worldwide."Fengselsfugl" (2021) unveiled Trond's evocative guitar mastery and compositions, which drew inspiration from traditional Norwegian prison ballads and his own firsthand experiences within the walls of Oslo Prison. The album garnered significant acclaim from critics worldwide, further solidifying Trond's artistic prowess. Trond Kallevåg's "Amerikabåten", merges traditional Norwegian and American music into a fresh, contemplative and thrilling ride across the ocean with some of Norway’s finest young musicians."

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