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Traveler -Demos 2018


Demos 2018

Release date: August 10, 2018
Label: Gates Of Hell
A true metal battle rages across the frozen fields of Canada and Finland on the debut split release from CORONARY (Finland) and TRAVELER (Canada)! CORONARY's three songs are a classic ACCEPT-style metal glory, with a spotlight on gritty vocals and firebrand guitar work! TRAVELER delivers an up-tempo, pounding style, with the sound of RIOT, MANILLA ROAD and legendary DEAF DEALER on the radar!
  • 1.Starbreaker
  • 2.Behind The Iron
  • 3.Mindless Maze
  • 4.Firewings
  • 5.Bullet Train
  • 6.Mestengo
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10 August 2018 / More records