Trashy Annie Sticks & Stones

Release date:
December 8, 2023
Pre-order vinyl:

Austin TX scenestress and rising star, Trashy Annie, proudly presents her first ever full-length album - NOW AVAILABLE ON VINYL! Blending country, hard rock, pop and more, Annie's music stands head and shoulders above a very crowded music scene with her unqiuely catchy songwriting and vivacious personality! Annie's live performances are more than just a concert, they are an EVENT, a raucous party and communal singalong!

  • 1. Knock Knock
  • 2. Born Pretty
  • 3. God Save the Queen
  • 4. The Leavin' Kind
  • 5. Drift Away
  • 6. 'Bama
  • 7. Somethin' in the Water
  • 8. Nuclear Meltdown
  • 9. Revival
  • 10. Luv U Luv U Back
  • 11. Juliet
  • 12. Last Song

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