Trashcan Darlings Me Punk, You Fuck!

Release date:
September 9, 2022
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Some of the award winning hits from the world`s greatest band ever! They never sounded better! A greatest hits compilation by the TRASHCAN DARLINGS with their best songs remastered for the first time! Now as a limited LP on LAST EXIT MUSIC in different colors! TRASHCAN DARLINGS, a glampunk rock band straight out of a picture book! 1995 from STRANGE? GENTLE & CHRIS DAMIEN DOLL formed in Oslo (Norway) to bring their own mix of hard rock, punk and a whole lot of G L A M to the world. Three albums and a few EPs were released and featured on numerous tours and concerts before the band broke up in late 2008. years passed. The offers for reunion shows never stopped, people kept talking about the band, and now... A brand new TRASHCAN DARLINGS greatest hits compilation! Compiled by Last Exit Music, each song has been remastered from the original studio tapes using state-of-the-art technology. Some of these songs have never sounded so good... A chance for fans old and new to rediscover the divine genius of the greatest band on earth.

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