Transpost Transport

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February 24, 2023
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With tape restoration and mastering by Gus Elg, a calculated spitshine envelops this recording and positions listeners in the shag carpet-lined haze of a 1970s fusion session. The design by Eric W Mast allows viewers to check out the aforementioned period upholstery through archival photography in the album's insert, depicting wall-to-wall shag gracing the booths at Mel Brown's Drum Shop.Out of the gate, 'Latin Summer' burns through with an urgency akin to The Gangsters - an album recorded by members of this band a decade prior. On the Funkadelic-fused 'Chrome Dome,' Jimmy Sanders continues to make use of the synthesizer, through squiggling tones and fried bursts, as well as on "Gospel Bridge," a track that evokes Heavy Weather in it's Pollock-like splashes of melody. Jeff Bruce's fretless bass brings a psych-propelled elasticity to the groove, adding a sinful undercurrent to "Time of My Life" - a languorous tune that could be a Head Hunters outtake - while giving "Song For Valerie" a playful Peaches & Herb-like wiggle.Transport's output is staggering for a group entirely unreleased and but a drop in the bucket for Portland's cottage industry recording business of yesteryear. This installment in the group's catalog probes a layer deeper.

  • 1. Latin Summer
  • 2. Tut's Strut
  • 3. Song for Valerie
  • 4. Chrome Dome
  • 5. Time of My Life

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