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Tough Shits - Burning In Paradise

Tough Shits

Burning In Paradise

Release date: March 15, 2019
Retro-fitted for that classic, catchy, brimming-with-energy vibe that spills over into the audience, The Tough Shits capture a chilled-out yet constantly-on-the-go garage sound. Their playful partying injects enough unfiltered attitude to create a raw edge, balancing things out with that bubbly surfing backdrop - crisp and yet still loose in a way that fits ones weekend needs.
  • 1. Action Breeze
  • 2. Late Bloomer
  • 3. Burning In Paradise
  • 4. Last Light
  • 5. Babes of the Abyss
  • 6. Here Comes the Moon
  • 7. Adult Fantasy
  • 8. Burnout Alley
  • 9. Cry For You
  • 10. No Freedom
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15 March 2019 / More records