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Tokyo Ska Paradise Orgchestra - Skapara Toujou

Tokyo Ska Paradise Orgchestra

Skapara Toujou

Release date: January 17, 2020
Label: Great Tracks
Tokyo Ska Paradise Orchestra's deubut full length album that swung open the doors to the '90s. Beginning with a bang with the authentic Skapara-style 'Strange Bird,' running through the wild and speedy 'Monder Rock,' bringing in the essence of Showa kayokyoku style with 'Nigai Namida,' and turning Orientalism on it's head with 'Uuhan No Onna,' the classic album freely tackles various styles of ska with wild abandon. On one hand there's their pursuit of a straight ska classic in 'Golden Tiger,' while on the other there's 'Kimi To Boku' with it's whistling melody that can reduce listeners to tears.
  • 1. Strange Bird
  • 2. Vampire
  • 3. Monster Rock
  • 4. Kozou No Kousin
  • 5. Uuhan No Onna
  • 6. Tin Tin Deo
  • 7. Getsumen Butou
  • 8. Nigai Namida
  • 9. Inishie No Hana
  • 10. Golden Tiger
  • 11. Hit the Road Jack
  • 12. Dokidoki Time
  • 13. Kimi to Boku
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17 January 2020 / More records