Tito Puente Para Los Rumberos

Release date:
January 12, 2024
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Tito Puente Para Los Rumberos 180g LP - Limited Edition 180g Green Guava Vinyl LP! Para Los Rumberos, is a truly magnificent recording, showcasing Tito Puente's talent and musical mastery. Consisting of ten diverse tracks, the album was recorded at Pat Jacques Broadway Recording Studios in New York City in 1972. Available on 180g Green Guava vinyl.

  • 1. Para los Rumberos
  • 2. Niña y Señora
  • 3. Guayaba
  • 4. Ya No Me Quieres
  • 5. Días en El Palladium
  • 6. Salsa y Sabor
  • 7. China
  • 8. Batuka
  • 9. Contentoso
  • 10. El Catire

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