Tiny Blue Ghost Between The Botanicals (Baby Pink)

Release date:
October 7, 2022
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Tiny Blue Ghost are a band possessed. Haunting, melodic vocals soar over a dreamy landscape of floating guitars, washy drums, and meandering bass that can pull suddenly into focus at a moments notice. Moving seamlessly across genre to genre, Tiny Blue Ghost can't simply be defined by any single label- unless you want to come up with a new term for a band that blends the best parts of bedroom pop, shoegaze, twee, indie, post-rock, and college rock.They say the third time is the charm, and that is certainly the case here on Tiny Blue Ghost's junior LP, "Between the Botanicals". With the addition of guitarist Kyle McDonough, bassist Andy Vlad, and keyboardist Kristoff Lalicki, the band has found themselves a tightknit unit. On the Count Your Lucky Stars debut LP, vocalist/guitarist Marissa Carroll trades in her college-rock background for more complicated arrangements as Joseph Writght remains the backbone on drums. Gone are the simple pop songs as Tiny Blue Ghost mix elements of pop, indie-rock, prog, and more. Lovingly self-produced by the bands Wright and Carroll to convey exactly what the band was going for.

  • 1. Haven
  • 2. The Blacktop
  • 3. Lavender
  • 4. Clockwork
  • 5. Fragile Coward
  • 6. Sulk
  • 7. For Closure
  • 8. Summer Sighs
  • 9. Heavy Days
  • 10. Warning Sign
  • 11. Familiar Stranger
  • 12. Bitter Optimist

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