Timothy J. Fairplay Free Andromeda

Release date:
June 3, 2022
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Gazing at the stars is looking at the past. The galaxies send you messages from thousands of light years away. That overwhelming feeling is present on Free Andromeda by Timothy J. Fairplay. An album grounded on earth while floating through eternity with a loose connection to the Milky way.This nine-track record is, as always with T J. F. a delicately balanced mix between dark and light, analogue and digital, vast space and tight basements. With an impressing collection of premium synthesizers and drum machines, TJF showcases some of the most exquisite electronically generated soundscapes heard on this side of 1984. His sound on Free Andromeda can be described as leftfield inspired by various John Carpenter- and Italian horror movie soundtracks together with some West German Kosmische Musik.Thimothy J. Fairplay, somewhat of a veteran on the label, makes deep and warm electronic music celebrating underground sounds from the last five decades. This album is no exception. For all you introverts dreaming of a life in the starshine - here's Free Andromeda!

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