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Tijuana Hercules - Mudslod And The Singles

Tijuana Hercules

Mudslod And The Singles

Release date: May 07, 2021
White vinyl
Years in the making and featuring the talents of more than 20 musicians, Tijuana Hercules's 'Mudslod and the Singles'finds the band deep-diving into its patented 'hillbilly trance' sound: an oxygen-depriving bouillabaisse of boundary-busting blues, spaghetti-strung grooves, and tangled psychedelic roots music. Features singer / guitarist John Vernon Forbes of Mount Shasta and a stunning roster of players culled from the ranks of Iron and Wine, Cheer-Accident, Califone, and The Hairy Patt Band. PRESS QUOTES: ---------------------------- 'A brilliant trip... a headphones & visualizer set to 'on' kind of brilliant trip.' - Rick Saunders, Deep Blues 'Tijuana Hercules just keep on getting better at what it's always been good at, finding a skanky swampy groove and beating it till it cries for its mama.' - Monica Kendrick, Chicago Reader 'A potent dish indeed, with no side orders of irony.' - Fred Mills, Metro Times 'Watching Tijuana Hercules force the people of my hometown to have a good time despite their taste for the ordinary, was one of the best experiences of my year - and one of the best concerts I've ever seen.' - Terry Sawyer, Popmatters
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07 May 2021 / More records