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Tigris Utry

Release date:
September 30, 2022
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For nearly 10 years, there's been one address in Tel Aviv where people know they can find pure, fiery musical energy: TIGRIS. And with "UTRY," we've collected all the band's tightest grooves and most exciting melodies on one career-spanning compilation. It's a Raw Tapes celebration; consider it our gift to you - nine party-starting polyrhythmic tunes that melt down Senegalese percussion, East African tezeta jazz, swirling psychedelic keys and surf guitar into a potent brew. Keyboardist Roei Hermon, percussionist Oded Aloni, bassist Amir Sadot, guitarist Ilan Smilan and drummer Itamar Katzir first assembled their musical vision in an Ethiopian restaurant in Tel Aviv, and they've been diving head-first into electrifying grooves ever since. On "UTRY," you'll vibe with their finest cuts, pulled from TIGRIS's three LPs. It's your own tailor-made house party playlist. Just don't be surprised when the party spins out of control. Tigris Chupchik Disco Pompido R THE BOSS Sha la la Suntek Banana DR. SCHMALTZ

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