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Tiga - Pias 40

Release date:
June 23, 2023
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Tiga (Tiga Sontag) is an electronic music DJ, producer-composer, and performer from Montreal. Before producing music, Tiga was involved in rave parties in his hometown, he was also involved in the establishment of the after-party club SONA. Known for his remixes of Tomas Andersson, Scissor Sisters, or even Felix da Housecat, he made his own compositions such as the hit You Gonna Want Me. His album Sexor quickly became one of the references of electronic music. He also participates in many electronic music festivals. He is part of the generation of artists who strongly mark a return to new wave in electronic music.

  • 1. Mind Dimension 2
  • 2. Mind Dimension (Ben Sterling Remix)

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