Tibi Dabo Overture

Release date:
November 3, 2023
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Tibi Dabo returns with 'Overture', a from his forthcoming Crosstown Rebels album, with remixes from Map. Ache and Aline Umber. A label favorite, having dropped his 'Isla' EP on Crosstown Rebels back in 2022; now ahead of his much-anticipated debut LP comes this third superb taster from it. The superb 'Overture' is an eight-minute gem with super smooth percussion and elastic grooves, with wispy sci-fi chords and gentle synth modulations. It's full of future feels and catchy drum funk that is sophisticated and smartly detailed with chopped-up vocal fragments. First to remix is Leipzig's Map. Ache, co-founder of Kann Records and member of the Giegling family. His take builds with fatter drums that are just as infectious, while rippling synth loops weave in and out as flashy basslines cut loose and balmy pads add extra cosmic absence to a hypnotic mix of the heady and the physical. Aline Umber, a collaborative live project from French composers, producers and DJs Aline Brooklyn and Aman Umber, are second to remix. They run the Airfunk label and are no stranger to playing cult spots like Rex Club in Paris. Their '23% Eventide' mix is a blissed-out and synth-laced trip with subtle, smeared chords and starry-eyed keys that have you gazing off into the distance as you get lost in the warm drums. Tracklisting:

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