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Thor - Rising



Release date: March 27, 2020
The mighty Thor unleashes yet another storm of metallic fury with this all new studio album!Features Thor's classic '80s metal sound combined with modern influences to create a potent blend of old and new that has kept this metal viking thriving for over 4 decades!Available on both CD and on limited edition GOLD vinyl!Watch for a national US tour starting on February 28 and continuing through March!Publicity support provided by Billy James of Glass Onyon PR!
  • 1. Wormhole
  • 2. Defend or Die
  • 3. The Game Is On! (Stadium Mix)
  • 4. Will. Destroy. You.
  • 5. The Rut
  • 6. Rising
  • 7. The Party Never Ends (Video Mix)
  • 8. Power Mask
  • 9. Son of Thunder
  • 10. Starmaster
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27 March 2020 / More records