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Thommazz Kauffmann - Dandara: Trials Of Fear Edition

Thommazz Kauffmann

Dandara: Trials Of Fear Edition (2xLP)

Release date: October 01, 2021
Original soundtrack
Label: Mana Wave
The Dandara: Trials of Fear Edition Original Soundtrack features over one hour of ethereal, surreal and organic music created specifically for the exploration of the Salt's surreal world. Blending eclectic electronic scores with sweeping, melodious soundscapes, Thommaz Kauffmann's score is like taking a ride into a new, wonderous land. Dandara's light but incredibly strong presence was the starting point for all the sound presented in this album, consisting of a soundtrack that sounds hopeful and melancholic at the same time. Her lonely journey into the corrupted regions of Salt narrates each gesture made to fight the fears deep inside the Salt's most uncharted caves. The textures and musical aesthetics in this soundtrack match a world that suffers from it's abandonment to spontaneity, creativity, and vitality. It is with the presence of Dandara that there is a break in these standards imposed in Salt by an authoritarian regime. Wrapped up in a beautiful, sturdy tip-on gatefold with a rough, black and white aesthetic, this vinyl 2xLP comes with two 'Salt' white 180g in two printed inner sleeves. Composed, produced and mixed by Thommaz Kauffmann
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01 October 2021 / More records