Thomas Ragsdale Self Zero

Release date:
January 4, 2019
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Vinyl LP pressing. Delving deep into social and political subtexts, Thomas Ragsdale bases the framework of his new album 'Self Zero' around classified mind analysis, ritualistic cults and savage primal urges. It's as much blissful pensiveness as it is pure trance brutality. Seductive vintage string machines, thrusting 808 drum rhythms and jugular striking 'Penderecki' style vocals weave in a rainstorm of serene chaos. Thomas describes it as "it's own world of diseased, neon-coloured sour sweets put through distortion units on volume 11: there's a warm welcoming smile, but it shrouds the grim reality of what truly lies beneath".'Self Zero' was pieced together in Ragsdale's basement studio in Yorkshire, where he honed his craft for writing music for commercials, feature films and documentaries. Whereas his output has varied from minimalist ambient guitar preludes to throbbing techno workouts, 'Self Zero' sees him in a particularly vicious mode with a 'when is this thing going to explode?' mentality.

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