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Thomas Giles - Don't Touch The Outside Solid White

Thomas Giles

Don't Touch The Outside Solid White

Release date: February 15, 2019
+ The new Thomas Giles solo album “Don’t Touch The Outside” will be available Digitally, and on Vinyl + Consumer ad plans include social media platforms such as Facebook and Instagram, in addition to search engine redirection associated campaign efforts, and both digital and physical publications. + Set up campaign will include aggressive promotion, contesting and engagement efforts on band & label social media accounts while utilizing digital/video commercial assets on all platforms, and thorough street-team efforts online and with hand-to-hand flyering. + Brand partnership creative strategy efforts, utilizing lifestyle development in support of the new album and related festivities. + In-Store campaigns and listening station programs targeted for mass exposure.
  • 1. Church Friends
  • 2. Incomplet
  • 3. Milan (feat. Kristoffer Rygg)
  • 4. Radiate
  • 5. Everyone Is Everywhere (feat. Einar Solberg)
  • 6. I Win (feat. Carley Coma)
  • 7. Awake From Death
  • 8. Sway
  • 9. Mr. Sunshine
  • 10. Weather Moods/Panic Start
  • 11. Take Your Seats, Time Gentlemen
  • 12. 1709
  • 13. Exordium
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15 February 2019 / More records