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This Will Destroy You - Field Studies

This Will Destroy You

Field Studies

Release date: August 06, 2021
Syle: Rock
Originally released on January 26, 2009 via Magic Bullet Records, this excellent split release between THIS WILL DESTROY YOU and LYMBYC SYSTYM (featuring all songs exclusive to this release) now sees formal reissue via Dark Operative. All tracks were recorded in succession in late 2008 at Elmwood Studios in Dallas, Texas with Grammy\-winning engineer and mixer John Congleton at the helm. THIS WILL DESTROY YOU recorded their songs first with LYMBYC SYSTYM arriving in town toward the latter part of those sessions to carry right into the tracking of their material immediately following. Mixing of the entire album was done all at once at the conclusion of tracking to ensure sonic consistency across both sides. Since its initial release, Field Studies stands tall in the discography of both bands, with THIS WILL DESTROY YOU\x27s Freedom Blade having garnered numerous syncs over the years and the entirety of LYMBYC SYSTYM\x27s material being regarded by fans and critics alike as among the best they ever wrote and recorded.
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06 August 2021 / More records