Thetan Grand Ole Agony

Release date:
October 20, 2023
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Following their 2019 hardcore haymaker 'ABYSMAL' and collaborative releases with emcees KOOL KEITH and LIL B, Two-piece ragers Thetan return to form with the colossal 'GRAND OLE AGONY'. Mixing powerviolence, sludge metal, and hardcore punk with extraterrestrial soundscapes and nerve shattering tension. Thetan rip through 9 songs of dismay and pessimism in their unconventional tradition of bass, drum and theremin driven chaos before easing into the slow burn of album closer 'Eulogy', an ode to a dead star and the orphaned planets it once fostered. Along for the ride on this sonic collision course is CRUNCHY BLACK of THREE 6 MAFIA, Jazz legend and trumpet player extraordinaire MAC GOLLEHON, and low down dark country icons BENJAMIN TOD and ASHLEY MAE of LOST DOG STREET BAND, among others. Emblazoned with artwork by the legendary artist KRISTEN FERRELL and vinyl etchings by Thetan bassist/vocalist and owner of Black Matter Mastering, DAN EMERY.SIDE A:1. God's America2. Blackened Inside3. White Sheets Blowing In The Breeze4. Bless Your Heart5. Gutted6. Sad Endings And A Feeling Of Disappointment7. Coup de Grace8. Culo9. Note To SelfSIDE B:10. Eulogy

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