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The Way Down Wanderers -Illusions Clear

The Way Down Wanderers

Illusions Clear

Release date: April 19, 2019
Label: Org Music
With their sophomore album, illusions, the Way Down Wanderers have fine-tuned their signature blend of heartfelt songwriting, lyrical harmonies, and dance floor drumbeats. These eleven songs are informed by a diverse range of musical traditions, somewhere between bluegrass and hip-hop, and the result is an album that sounds both timeless and fresh. Since forming the band in their hometown of Peoria, Illinois, Collin Krause and Austin Krause-Thompson have crafted unforgettable stories of love and loss. With this latest release, the brothers-in-law have shown why they are two of the best young singer-songwriters in music today. Drummer John Merikoski and bassist John Williams infuse the album with an energy that is suited for the bright lights of a festival stage, while Travis Kowalsky lays down some ripping banjo. illusions is a powerful album that fuses a raw enthusiasm for life with the sobering reality of how quickly time passes.
  • 1.Principles of Salt
  • 2.Frozen Through
  • 3.She's Alright
  • 4.Crooked Pines
  • 5.All My Words
  • 6.Heartland
  • 7.Illusions
  • 8.Moonglow Carolina
  • 9.Lonesome
  • 10.Patient Pretender
  • 11.Old Ford
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19 April 2019 / More records