The Wanton Bishops Under The Sun

Release date:
December 8, 2023
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'Under The Sun' is the new album from The Wanton Bishops, a band by every definition of the word, but primarily the vision of one eclectic man - Nader Mansour. The album is an exploration of identity and ultimately a love letter to his hometown Beirut, capturing Nader's kaleidoscopic life journey through a melting pot of musical influence; primarily gutsy blues-rock but with tinges of psychedelia, surf-rock, dance, as well as the Lebanese influences of Nadar's hometown. Following the release of The Wanton Bishops' debut album 'Sleep With The Lights On', a Delta blues record inspired by the likes of RL Burnside and Muddy Waters, Nader journeyed to America's deep south to experience the roots of Mississippi blues. The experience spawned a musical epiphany for Nader, as he returned home to Lebanon a changed man with a newly inspired musical vision.

  • 1. Don't You Touch the Radio
  • 2. Beirut
  • 3. Do What You're Told
  • 4. Ya Habibi
  • 5. God's Own Remedy
  • 6. We Are One
  • 7. Gonna Be Fine
  • 8. Run Run
  • 9. Fallen Angel
  • 10. Jericho

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