The Sleazoids The Cult Of The Sleazoids

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April 12, 2024
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The Sleazoids are a blistering GaragePunk 3-piece from Sheffield, UK, formed in 2016. The band features Missy Tassles on trash guitar and vocals, Paul Dorrington on hi-tension bass and vocals with Mitch Genner beating primitive rhythms. They spent 2017 quickly building up an impressive following whilst gigging from Sheffield down to Brighton. The band's stage performances are an electrifying mix of rock solid musicianship and joyously shambolic punk attitude. A machine gun delivery of 2-minute GaragePunk songs are fired out in quick succession, leaving audiences shell-shocked and aching for more. The Sleazoids mix unique versions of classic garage rock songs amongst their own original numbers, combining the raw energy of 60s psych bands like The Count Five, The Monks and The Seeds, with the experimental psychotic sounds of Suicide, Sonic Youth and The Fall. The band's debut album Insane Escapades was reviewed by Shindig Magazine as a whole heap o' terror-ific rockin' sounds from the 50s, 60s and 70s...provocatively cool... are performed with all-out, often giddy abandon... all demonstrating some properly fine punk potential, as well as showing off a wicked sense of fun. After the release of their 7 single 'VHS Death' last year, we needed more! So The Sleazoids locked themselves into their sleaze cave, and brewed up eleven further primitive GaragePunk hits! You won't find these on a K-Tel compilation.

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