The Pleasure Majenta Looming, The Spindle

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September 30, 2022
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On their new album Looming, The Spindle, The Pleasure Majenta shape a terrifying and sublime mix of noise, broken electronics and guitar feedback that begs to remain untamed.

From New Zealand by way of Berlin, these dystopian goth punks take their cues from the harsh and heavy energy of The Birthday Party, Swans and The Fall—casting bummer vibes into the void to create the pain-soaked statement so many albums want to make but wind up missing the mark.

The lead single “Full of It” fills the screen with flashes of cinematic post-punk savagery up to its ears in swampy distortion and sleazy funhouse skronk. Velvety ‘70s exploitation flick saxophones hustle with devilish no-wave spaghetti western guitars and a slippery bassline like a coffin dragged through mud in a grungy post-punk dirge. It's a waking tour through a dysfunctional late-capitalist bardo where disassociation becomes an effective coping mechanism for the cyclical, paralyzing grind of clock-in, clock-out psychosis.

“I felt okay when I wasn’t myself—when I was making music or playing onstage, so I decided I would contact myself in this way,” says The Pleasure Majenta’s Lawrence “Loz” Fergus Goodwin. “It’s a dangerous game to play.”

Looming, the Spindle drops July 15, 2022 digitally and September 30 physically - only on Dedstrange, Oliver Ackermann’s (A Place To Bury Strangers/Death By Audio) new label.

1. Satellite
2. Fabric
3. sad2say
4. Smiles Through A Sneer
5. Anxious Patient
6. OSC
7. Full Of It
8. It’s Ten
9. Erik Satie
10. Gardens

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