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The Pernice Brothers -Spread The Feeling

The Pernice Brothers

Spread The Feeling

Release date: November 22, 2019
Syle: Rock
SPREAD THE FEELING is the sixth or seventh studio LP by the Pernice Brothers and my 17th or so in general. I'm honestly not sure. I don't keep track. All I know is that if I play one song off each album at a gig, it's a long show. Pressed on red vinyl.
  • 1.Mint Condition
  • 2.Lullabye
  • 3.The Devil and The Jinn
  • 4.Always in All Ways
  • 5.Evidently So
  • 6.Wither on The Vine
  • 7.Throw Me to The Lions
  • 8.Skinny Jeanne
  • 9.The Queen of California
  • 10.I Came Back
  • 11.Eric Saw Colors
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22 November 2019 / More records