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February 16, 2024
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Gilded Sorrow is a pivotal moment for THE OBSESSED from Maryland. The band is one of the earliest purveyors of Black Sabbath-influenced doom metal in the US and set the standard for the so-called Maryland doom sound. Fronted by the legendary man Wino, who has also played with such luminaries as Spirit Caravan, The Hidden Hand, Place Of Skulls, Saint Vitus and Probot, David Grohl's metal project. This journey lead Wino back to THE OBSESSED and the band's fifth studio album, Gilded Sorrow. Not only is this doom metal in it's purest form, the band has recreated the genre. All the characteristics are present but with Wino at the helm, the band unleashes a sonic blast not heard of within doom metal before which lifts the music to unprecedented heights. Songs like Jailine, Wellspring, It's Not OK and the title track are brilliant examples of Wino's talents as a songwriter.

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