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The Niro And Gary Lucas - Complete Jeff Buckley And Gary Lucas Songbook

The Niro And Gary Lucas

Complete Jeff Buckley And Gary Lucas Songbook (2xLP)

Release date: December 13, 2019
Label: Esordisco
Syle: Pop
This album spotlights a surprising chapter of Jeff Buckley's creativity in tandem with acclaimed guitarist and songwriter Gary Lucas. Circa 1991-92, during an intense 10 months period, Jeff and Gary wrote 12 songs for Gary's band ''Gods and Monsters'' which featured Jeff as lead singer. They all began with Gary composing solo guitar instrumentals, complete with the riffs and harmonic structure, to which Jeff added a vocal melody and lyrics. After their packed debut concert in St. Ann's Church, Brooklyn on March 13th 1992, despite a three minute standing ovation at the end, Jeff decided to leave the project and continue solo. From their 12 songs, Jeff will later select ''Mojo Pin'' and ''Grace'' to feature on his eponymous debut album. In 2002, the album ''Songs to No One'' released some of Jeff and Gary's early works. 28 years after they began writing their anthemic songs, for the first time,The Niro and Gary Lucas have recorded the entire original project, including five tracks never before released. Thus, you have ''The Complete Jeff Buckley & Gary Lucas Songbook''. This 2LP edition contains 2 exclusive tracks recorded live during the sessions of the album: ''Cruel'' and ''In the cantina''!
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13 December 2019 / More records