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The Milk And Honey Band -Songs From Truleigh Hill

The Milk And Honey Band

Songs From Truleigh Hill

Release date: June 11, 2021
Essentially Robert White - erstwhile mainstay keyboardist/guitarist/songwriter for early 1990 s noisenik Britpop-deniers, Levitation - The Milk And Honey Band exist so that the world doesn t have to invent another band as contrarily/culturally dissimilar to any other band as contrarily/culturally dissimilar to them. The band s name was originally thought up as an antidote to the frailty and vapidity of a 1990s scene that White felt alienated from as well as handy way to disguise the fact it was a solo project. Correspondingly, the songs that The Milk And Honey Band conjure up, have more in keeping with the sublime, reflective nature of a novel like Cider With Rosie than they do with the self-congratulatory, back-slapping musical fare often associated with the indie scene. And, oh yes, the Milk and Honey Band are defiantly indie. In 2004 White signed to Andy Partridge of XTC s label and released The Secret Life Of The Milk And Honey Band, and four years after that, the band released their first masterpiece. Dog Eared Moonlight was the band s second appearance on Partridge s label and accorded the kind of critical attention that makes everyone sit up and notice. A master-class in classy songwriting, screamed the Independent, a treat mellow, crafted and as English as tea, toast and rain. Wonderful - suggested Classic Rock, whilst others heralded the record as Immaculately arranged acoustic-rock and power-pop numbers about love and break-up revealing an Elliott Smith-style gift for combining bitter sentiments with sweet harmonies (Financial Times), like Bob Mould fronting Elbow, dark, thoughtful, tough and tender, just plain gorgeous (R2 magazine), grown up pop, recalling the days when albums were albums (Sunday Times) and 10 songs of finely wrought, melodic English rock (Q magazine). The album was easily the best collection of songs the band had released thus far and a high point that many people had been expecting for quite some time.
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11 June 2021 / More records