The Lowest of the Low Welcome to the Plunderdome

Release date:
October 20, 2023
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"Lowest of the Low have been a cornerstone of the Canadian indie music boom in the early nineties. The band's 1991 debut "Shakespeare My Butt..." has been an enduring staple in the canon of Canadian music ever since, and is platinum status. The album was lauded as one of the Top 10 Canadian Albums of All Time by CHART Magazine, and in 2008 the band was inducted into the Canadian Indie Rock Hall of Fame. The album was also the best-selling indie release in Canadian music history. Now in 2023, the band are set to release their highly anticipated sixth full-length studio LP, Welcome to the Plunderdome, which is their first studio album in 5 years. The new album will be supported by Canadian and U.S. tour dates, as well as numerous music videos, and marketing campaign. "Welcome To The Plunderdome is what happens when the head gets angry but the heart gets active... and the feet are taken hostage.

  • 1. Brave New World
  • 2. Hey Kid (You Got Soul!)
  • 3. On a Bad Day
  • 4. Cheer Up, Charli
  • 5. Armageddon Street
  • 6. Wrong Way 'Round
  • 7. Boomerang
  • 8. Landslide
  • 9. When the Boot Comes Down
  • 10. Glass Towers
  • 11. S.O.S
  • 12. Rainy Day Parades and Purple Hearts

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