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October 27, 2023
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Whether we look for him or not, we all find God somewhere. It could be in nature. It could be in church. It could be in the metaverse. It differs for each and every one of us. In terms of where God might be, The Kills aren’t necessarily saying, but the duo (Alison Mosshart and Jamie Hince) certainly sound like they’ve seen him. How else could you explain the primal call-and-response between Alison’s full body blues-soul vocal catharsis and Jamie’s swaggering, guillotine-smooth guitar transmissions on the duo’s sixth full-length offering, God Games?

  • 1. New York
  • 2. Going To Heaven
  • 3. LA Hex
  • 4. Love And Tenderness
  • 5. 103
  • 6. My Girls My Girls
  • 7. Wasterpiece
  • 8. Kingdom Come
  • 9. God Games
  • 10. Blank
  • 11. Bullet Sound
  • 12. Better Days

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