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The Ides Of March -Play On - 55Th Anniversary

The Ides Of March

Play On - 55Th Anniversary (2xLP)

Release date: August 16, 2019
Syle: Pop
Over the past 55 years, Chicago s own The Ides Of March have earned their place in Rock history with their stirring brass-driven platinum hit Vehicle . Ides singer/guitarist Jim Peterik, who wrote and sang that listener favorite, went on to co-write numerous other Top Ten smashes, including Hold On Loosely for .38 Special, and The Eye Of The Tiger for Survivor. His songwriting has garnered Jim a GrammyTM, a People s Choice Award, and an OscarTM nomination. Now comes the Ides new album Play On with 14 fresh songs, drawing on the wide variety of genres the Ides have mastered over their 55 year career. CD Contains 15 tracks including the classic original single release of "Vehicle"
  • 1.Play On
  • 2.This Miracle
  • 3.Blue Storm Rising
  • 4.Song About Mary
  • 5.Swagger
  • 6.Friends Like You
  • 7.Rule of Three
  • 8.First Day of Your Life
  • 9.Too Far To Turn Around
  • 10.Cornerstone
  • 11.She
  • 12.Love or Something Like It
  • 13.The Cover-Up
  • 14.All the Way Home
  • 15.You Wouldn't Listen (vintage vinyl)
  • 16.Roller Coaster (vintage vinyl)
  • 17.One Woman Man (vintage vinyl)
  • 18.Vehicle (Mono Mix) (vintage vinyl)
  • 19.Aire Of Good Feeling (vintage vinyl)
  • 20.Superman (vintage vinyl)
  • 21.L.A. Goodbye (vintage vinyl)
  • 22.Flipside (vintage vinyl)
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16 August 2019 / More records