The Hooten Hallers The Devil's Egg

Release date:
August 9, 2024
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A group of three disillusioned teenaged punks find themselves transported into a terrifying alternate universe in The Devil's Egg, a new fantasy rock opera from Missouri music renegades The Hooten Hallers. Throughout 13 spellbinding tracks, the music flows through a rainbow of musical genres from R&B and metal to punk and prog rock. Captivating audiences with their high-energy romps for nearly 20 years, the satisfying vocal pairing of John Randall's gravel and Andy Rehm's falsetto, along with Kellie Everett's low woodwinds, weave between basslines and melodies to round out one of modern music's most unexpected power trios. While musically diverse, the rock opera's coming-of-age storyline ties it all together, conjuring the science fiction of Stranger Things and the folklore of the Coen brothers to transport characters through an epic and transformative quest. In the end, the kids form unusual alliances to attempt their escape, allowing The Hooten Hallers to take listeners on their wildest, most cinematic journey yet.

  • 1. Prologue
  • 2. The Devil's Egg
  • 3. It's Getting Hard to Be a Kid These Days
  • 4. Get in, Losers
  • 5. Touch It
  • 6. Enter the Egg
  • 7. Inside the Egg
  • 8. The Captive Souls
  • 9. Sky Beast
  • 10. The Queen of Space
  • 11. Unlock the Rock
  • 12. Crack the Egg
  • 13. Epilogue: A New Universe Is Born

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